Our Story

Welcome to New Orleans Vodkas! We are the first and only distillers of premium vodka in Louisiana.
Soc Au Lait Distillerie are the makers of premium top shelf vodka made with the finest Louisiana
ingredients. This vodka is like no other because it comes from a place like no other. Savor the flavors
of New Orleans with the family of New Orleans Vodkas from Soc Au Lait Distillerie.

Our Mission: To produce the highest quality product, never sacrificing quality for cost.

Our Vision: Produce a top quality spirit that embraces the culture of New Orleans, that allows us to celebrate, highlight, and commemorate meaningful events that we share with family, friends, and our community. 



Seersucker Vodka Coming Soon!

Grain Based Mash Distilled To PERFECTION

Proof: 80 (40% Alcohol By Volume)

Seersucker is set to debut in the next 6 months!   



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